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    Company Business
    Special Vehicle Business
    Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Zhaoqing National High-tech Development Zone, Guangdong Province. It is the only company in Guangdong Province that has the qualification certification for special vehicle modification by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the certification for the production of bullet-proof banknote transport vehicles by the Ministry of Public Security.
    The company's mission is to build the first brand of modified cars in China, to make China's safest special vehicles as its mission, to take the safest products as the escort for economic construction, and to take the business philosophy of "professional, focused, and precise" as its business philosophy. China continuously absorbs advanced domestic and foreign advanced production technologies, manufacturing processes and management experience, persists in pioneering and innovating, and gradually forms a high-efficiency and high-level business management model and standardized management system. With advanced production technology and production technology, it has always been in the industry development At the forefront.
    Main business
    R & D, manufacturing, sales of series of bulletproof vehicles, special safety vehicles, special industrial vehicles, new energy electric vehicles and other special vehicle products.
    Product display
    Bulletproof Money Transporter

    Special safety car

    Special industry vehicles

    New energy electric vehicle
    Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509