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    The company won the first prize of 2017 Guangdong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
    Publication time:2018.12.25 14:49:51

    Recently, sponsored by Guangdong Machinery Industry Association and Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, Guangzhou Baiyun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the "2017 Guangdong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award Award Award Award Award Award" held in Guangzhou grandly. The Guangdong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award is appraised and awarded once a year. The collectives and individuals who have made significant technological innovations, made significant contributions to the technological progress of the province's machinery industry and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits have formed extensive and prominent social influence in the field of disciplines and industries. The company undertakes the declared project "Key Technologies and Industrialization Application of Precision Casting of Automobile Lightweight Components" and won the first prize of Guangdong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award in 2017 and Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society Science and Technology Award.
    This project is a major project of Guangdong Province, which is jointly established by the company in 2012 by five die casting enterprises and four famous universities in China. The project has been implemented from July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2016. It has passed the acceptance of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department and has been certified by Guangdong Institute of Mechanical Engineering that the overall technical level of the project has reached the domestic leading level, and some technical indicators have reached the national level. International advanced level.
    During the implementation of the project, 22 patents for invention were applied for, including 8 patents for authorization, 7 patents for utility models, 10 technical standards and norms for enterprises, and 20 papers were published. They have complete independent intellectual property rights and are innovative. In addition to breakthroughs in technological innovation, the R&D project is closely related to the application needs of die casting industry. After implementation, it has added 4.215 billion yuan in sales revenue and 290 million yuan in profit tax, which has achieved remarkable economic benefits.
    This award not only affirms the improvement of R&D and innovation ability of the company in recent years, but also helps to build a leading high-quality precision casting production cluster for key components of automobiles in Guangdong Province, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of the aluminum alloy casting industry in Guangdong Province.

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