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    Tang Jun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Technology Financial Group ,visited Guangdong Hongtu
    Publication time:2019.12.19 13:34:20

    On November 12, Tang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Technology Financial Group , led a team to Guangdong Hongtu for investigation, and conducted a site inspection of Guangdong Hongtu Jinli Factory and Gaoyao Second Factory.


    As a listed company controlled by Technology Financial Group , Guangdong Hongtu is mainly engaged in aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturing and automotive interior and exterior trim injection molding. It enjoys a good reputation in the auto parts industry, with annual sales of 6 billion yuan and annual total profit of nearly 500 million yuan. It is one of the important assets of Technology Financial Group  and a successful example of the early investment of Technology Financial Group , setting an example for the management of the post-listing stage of Technology Financial Group 's venture capital industry chain.


       At the seminar, the head of Guangdong Hongtu's management team reported on the company's basic situation, existing problems and solutions at the current stage, and reflections on future development. The head of the relevant department of Technology Financial Group  commented and analyzed the operation of Guangdong Hongtu Company. Li Bo qi, deputy general manager of Yueke Finance Group and chairman of Guangdong Hongtu, emphasized that Guangdong Hongtu should strengthen refined management and risk prevention, and actively plan for development and continuously improve the company's operations on the basis of persisting in and strengthening the current business. Level and profitability.


    Tang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Technology Financial Group , pointed out that the development of Guangdong Hongtu in the past 10 years is the epitome of national economic development. It is necessary to recognize the current development situation, focus on the positive actions of the main business, and promote the company to become stronger and better. First, we must deeply cultivate the main business and seek development, and consider Guangdong Hongtu's future development ideas from the three standpoints of the major shareholders' resource integration advantages, the industry's leading position, and a high-quality global customer base; The team must have the courage to face difficulties, face up to difficulties, take responsibility, and unite to lead the majority of employees to overcome difficulties and achieve great results. Third, we must promote the integration of party building work with business development, integration with production processes, and mobilization of employee motivation. Carry out party building work around promoting high-quality development of enterprises, avoid formalism, and eliminate two skins.

    Finally, the meeting requested Guangdong Hongtu to further communicate with relevant departments of Technology Financial Group  on the basis of today's exchange and discussion, fully consider and research, and put forward Guangdong Hongtu's development ideas for the next 3-5 years.

    Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509