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    Hongtu Technology: Take Practical Measures in Party Building, Rely on "Dual Hardcore" for Epidemic Prevention and Production
    Publication time:2020.08.19 17:00:31
    Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government had coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development. In March this year, Comrade Li Xi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee went to Zhaoqing to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, went deep into the production workshop of Guangdong Hongtu Technology (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongtu Technology") controlled by Yueke Financial Group Holding, and gave instructions on epidemic prevention and control as well as resumption of production. General Secretary of Party General Branch in Hongtu Technology firmly implemented the decision and deployment of the higher authorities, conscientiously understood the spirit of secretary Li Xi's instructions, strengthened the leading of Party building with practical measures for actual results, gave full play to the role of the Party branch as a fighting fortress and a vanguard as well as the exemplary role of Party members, so as to gather a strong joint force to do a good job of "dual coordination" and win "dual victories".
    Figure 1: Tang Jun, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Yueke Financial Group leads a team to inspect and supervise the epidemic prevention and control of Hongtu Technology as well as resumption of the work and production
    By Building Fortresses and Holding Banners, the Party Branch Casted "Golden Bell Cover" for Epidemic Prevention

    At the beginning of the outbreak, a worker who had left Wuhan and returned to Guangdong was confirmed to be infected with new coronavirus. The next day, Hongtu Technology held an emergency work meeting on epidemic prevention and control, immediately established the "Emergency Response Headquarters for New Pneumonia", insisted on daily regular meetings, formulated and implemented the measures in time, and made it clear that the prevention and control of the epidemic situation was the most important political task at that time, and fought against the COVID-19 epidemic at full stretch. During the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work, the general Party branch takes overall responsibility, plays a leading and core role in coordinating all parties, firmly establishes "Four Awareness", firmly sticks to "Four self-confidence", achieves "Two Maintenance", and implements detailed prevention and control measures.

    — In view of the confirmed cases, we quickly investigated activity track of relevant personnel, reported to the government departments in time, and arranged special personnel to closely track the health status of more than 40 workers who left Wuhan and returned to Guangdong, and strictly implemented the requirements of "Four-Early Rules".

    — To formulate a complete epidemic prevention and control scheme, and guide all cadres and workers to implement protective measures in the forms such as WeChat, posters etc.

    — According to the principle of "one file for one person", we had a dynamic tracking mechanism covering the health information and activity track of all employees from the company, and adhered to daily statistics report.

    —To strengthen the guidance of order at work, meals and public places such as dormitories, shuttle buses, etc., strictly control meetings and business trips, and reduce the flow and gathering of personnel.

    —To build the information sharing platform to promote the exchange of prevention and control experience and the overall allocation of prevention and control materials, so as to realized the closed-loop management during the whole period and the whole process for epidemic prevention and control.

    Before resuming work, Hongtu Technology organized more than 1600 employees to carry out nucleic acid detection. 100% detection and 100% qualification were required for the employees to leave and live in Hubei so as to build a strong fortress of "Anti Input Externally and Anti Rebound Internally".

    By Showing the Identity and Setting Examples, Party Members Charged Ahead in "Iron Cloth Shirt"

    The task of epidemic prevention and control was tight, and the responsibility of work and production resumption was heavy. The general Party branch of Hongtu Technology specially issued the "Notice on Organizing and Mobilizing Party Members and Cadres to Join the Production Line of Enterprises and Resolutely Win the Battle Against Epidemic Prevention and Control at the Grass-roots Level", calling on Party members and cadres to take the lead in propaganda and guidance, took the lead in implementing prevention and control measures, and took the lead in serving the masses in difficulties. Hongtu Technology had established production bases in Hubei, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other areas with severe epidemic situation. The majority of Party members and cadres took the lead and set examples as the vanguard, and go down to the production line to participate in the prevention and control work.
    Figure 2: Hongtu Technology Die-Casting (Headquarters) set up vanguard post of Party members to guide the employees to wash hands before meals

    — 100 Party members from Zhaoqing Die Casting (Headquarters) participated in temperature measurement before entering the factory, canteen dining order maintenance so as to ensure the safe and orderly resumption of work and production.

    — Wuhan Hongtu had carried out grid management in key areas, and Party members were responsible for the inspection and prevention of the epidemic situation, so that there was no dead end in the prevention and control on COVID19 pandemic.
    Figure 3: Party branch in Nantong Hongtu set up a Party member commando team to join the front line of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control
    —Party members of Nantong Hongtu returned and took the initiative to work overtime to help enterprises resume the work and production at the early stage when the staff were in short supply.

    —Party members of Ningbo Swell came to work one hour ahead of time and left the work one hour late every day. They should make preparations for disinfection and epidemic prevention materials in the plant area, so as to "start and finish well" the work every day.

    — Party members of Guangdong Baolong Automotive Co., Ltd. formed a logistics support commando unit to deliver the meals and purchase daily necessities for isolated personnel returning from other places, ensuring their daily needs.

    ——Party members of Swell Marui actively made the donation, contributing to epidemic prevention and control.

    The party members came forward, fought bravely and worked hard. They have become a strong and reliable force, playing a significant role in winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control and promoting the enterprises to resume the work and production.

    Solve Problems, Eliminate Crisis, and Accelerate the Resumption of Work and Production

    While doing a good job in "exact information investigation, sufficient prevention and control measures, proper prevention and control system, and ready prevention and control materials", Hongtu Technology actively follows up the latest policies of the local government on work and production resumption, implements the requirements of "Six Stabilities" and "Six Guarantees", and strives to resume the production and operation as soon as possible. The Party organizations at all levels united the cadres and workers to overcome the difficulties and solve the problems, and all affiliated enterprises smoothly and orderly restarted the production and operation.

    — Fully guarantee the return of employees. At the beginning of returning to work, the first thing to be solved was that some employees could not get to work because of traffic control, community closure, isolation and restrictions. Nantong Hongtu specially arranged buses to carry out point-to-point transportation to Gansu, Shanxi and other places of relatively long distances and relatively large number of employees. Due to the shortage of dormitories in Ningbo Swell, the hotels were widely contacted to provide more than 420 nonlocal employees with qualified isolation places, which ensured the smooth rework of the employees.

    — Vigorously tap the internal potential. As an enterprise deeply integrated into the global automobile industry chain, Hongtu Technology was facing great challenges to stabilizing the customers and guaranteeing the orders due to COVID-19 epidemic spreading all over the world. Hongtu Technology took more active sales incentive measures, increased support for new product development, further strived for high-quality customers' orders, expanded new markets outside the automotive industry, and minimized the adverse impact of the COVID-epidemic. Through a period of adjustment and efforts, the order volume of each business sector was gradually improved.

    — Actively look for new market opportunities. To respond to the urgent need for negative pressure ambulances, Guangdong Baolong Automotive Co., Ltd., a holding company of Hongtu Technology, quickly organized technical forces to develop a technical scheme that could transform ordinary ambulances into negative pressure ambulances with virus filtering and killing functions in 1 to 2 days. The scheme was favored by the customers because of its short transformation period and strong economy. More than 40 sets of the product have been put into the anti COVID-19epidemic front line in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Qingyuan, Zhaoqing and other places.

    Through unremitting efforts from all Party members and staff, Hongtu Technology's production has been fully recovered, and the business data has been stopped and rebounded. It is worth mentioning that the turnover of Hongtu in Wuhan in the second quarter even exceeded that in the same period of previous year. Hongtu Technology adheres to the leadership of Party building and unites Party members and workers to resist the risks, injecting a strong force for development in the difficult time.


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