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    Baolong Automotive Held Party Branch Plenary Meeting and Corporate Culture Promotion and Implementation Special Meeting
    Publication time:2020.08.19 15:00:51
    In the afternoon of June 2, Baolong Automotive held a Party Branch plenary meeting and corporate culture promotion and implementation special meeting. Zhou Leren, secretary of General Party Branch of Hongtu Technology, Chen Wenbo, vice president of Hongtu Technology and president of Baoling Automotive and other comrades attended the meeting. Zeng Haiqiang, secretary of Party Working Committee of Hi-tech District of Zhaoqing City and others presented at the Party Branch plenary meeting.
    At the plenary meeting, the Party Working Committee of Hi-tech District announced the approval of appointing comrade Chen Wenbo, the vice president of Hongtu Technology and president of Baoling Automotive, as the secretary of Party Branch of Baolong Automotive. Comrade Zeng Haiqiang, secretary of Party Working Committee of Hi-tech District, delivered a speech in respect to the party building of Hi-tech District and the active participation of corporate party organization in local party building.
    Comrade Zhou Leren pointed out that comrade Chen Wenbo’s appointment as the secretary of Party Branch of Baolong Automotive was recommended by the General Party Branch of Hongtu Technology and approved by the Party Working Committee of Hi-tech District, fully complying with relevant policies and development need of Baolong Automotive. He stressed that the Party Branch shall first possess high political quality, fulfill its political responsibilities as state-owned enterprise and control the wheel and the overall situation and ensure the policy implementation during the operation, enabling a mutual integration and mutual promotion of business and party building. The cadre selection and appointment shall be well supervised according to the criterion of "equal stress on both integrity and ability". All party members shall be inculcated to remember who they are and live up to their responsibility. In particular in this special period of pandemic and enterprise transformation and upgrading, party members shall play well the exemplary vanguard role.
    Chen Wenbo expressed that he will fully carry out the party building in Baolong Automotive and combine the Party Branch building with production and operation, so as to give full play to the vanguard role of Party Branch and party members in production and operation, and that he will constantly train and include new party members to expand the party member team of the company and will proactively cooperate with the superior party organization to conduct well the party building activities.
    At the culture promotion and implementation special meeting, comrade Zhou Leren delivered a vivid and profound cultural interpretation and training closely centering on the mission, vision and core value of Hongtu Technology. He highlighted that corporate culture is a vital soft power of an enterprise which is cohesion internally, and competitiveness externally. Baolong Automotive has turned into a state-controlled enterprise from a private enterprise since the acquisition by Hongtu Technology. All employees must bear in mind that they should actively study Hongtu culture, proactively integrate into Hongtu culture and actually practice Hongtu culture. The cultural construction shall be kept under the guidance of party building and adhere to heading forward in the right direction, and the "key and minority" role of leaders and cadres in cultural construction shall be exerted. In the meantime, cultural construction cannot be accomplished in one action. It requires long-lasting efforts and wisdom.
    Comrade Chen Wenbo emphasized that the development and expansion of an enterprise must be guided by culture, so we shall deeply understand and utilize culture to make concerted efforts in order to succeed in the transformation and development of the company.
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