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    About Hongtu
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    Hongtu Technology Won the Title "2019 Credible Enterprise of Zhaoqing City"
    Publication time:2020.08.19 15:05:03
    On June 12, Zhaoqing Enterprise Integrity Promotion Association held an event in the theme of "Advocating Integrity, and Setting up Advanced Example", on which Hongtu Technology was awarded the title "2019 Credible Enterprise of Zhaoqing City".
    Mr. Fan Guiyu, Deputy Director of Zhaoqing Development and Reform Bureau and Deputy Director of Credit Affairs Office of Zhaoqing City, and Mr. Liu Weijun, vice president of Zhaoqing Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China presented at the event. Fan pointed out that "integrity" is an important element of socialist core value, the credit is the cornerstone for developing market economy and building harmonious society and a credible environment is an integral part of business environment, hoping that all enterprises shall insist on operating in good faith and according to laws and regulations and be a trustworthy and legitimate practitioner, and shall constantly improve the service quality, proactively fulfill the social responsibilities and polish the golden signboard "integrity". Leaders attending the event presented the plague and banner to the winners of "2019 Credible Enterprise of Zhaoqing City", and the representative of enterprises presented also vowed to be a trustworthy enterprise as always.  

    Hongtu Technology has been widely recognized by the credit authority and all walks of life due to its high-quality products, good services and good faith business philosophy. In future, we will continue to follow the principles of voluntariness, fairness, making compensation for equal value, honesty and credibility, comply with social morality and business ethics and be subject to the supervision from the government and the public. We will also make every effort to maintain a good relationship with the shareholders, creditors, government, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and proactively fulfill our social responsibilities.
    Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509