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    Nantong Hongtu Won Excellent Supplier Award of North American General Motors in 2019
    Publication time:2020.08.19 15:21:21
    On June 24, Guangdong Hongtu Nantong Die-casting Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of our company, was appraised and elected to be the Excellent Supplier Award in 2019 by North American General Motors. It also attended the 28th Annual Supplier Online Award Ceremony. This is the ninth time for our company to win such a honor, which makes the company the most frequent supplier to won the awards in China region of GM. In this event, our company is honored to be the only award-winner in China of all the suppliers who worked as the supporting enterprise for GM engines, gear box and heat management.
    On the online awards ceremony, GM commended the 116 best suppliers from 15 countries. These suppliers continuously got rid of the old and brought the innovative in 2019, creating outstanding values for GM and applying the new application to the support products of General Motors. The award ceremony was originally decided to be held in March, but it was postponed because of COVID-19.
    The winner's list of Annual Excellent Suppliers of General Motors was jointly determined by global procurement, engineering, quality, manufacturing and logistics executives of General Motors. The winner must meet the performance standards of General Motors in the aspects of products procurement, global procurement and manufacturing services, customer services and after-sales services as well as logistics, etc.
    "Our suppliers have been playing a vital role in providing products, services and experience, and these award-winning suppliers has done better jobs than our expectations. "said Mr. Shilpan Amin, GM's vice president of global procurement and supply chain.
    It is an honor for Hongtu Technology to win such award, which reflects the role played by company's core value "Customer Orientation". Hongtu Technology will continue to make efforts, focus on the innovative application of manufacturing technology, continue to create quality, valuable products and services for customers.
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