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    About Hongtu
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    Work together, complement each other, and promote technology through technology
    Publication time:2019.07.22 15:33:27

    On January 3, 2019, the NationalEngineering Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Molding (Guangdong HongtuSub-center) and Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. - National ResearchCenter for Light Alloy Precision Forming Engineering were held in GuangdongHongtu Company. The opening ceremony of the industrial application base. AcademicianDing Wenjiang and Professor Peng Liming of Shanghai Jiaotong University, DeputyDirector of Xie Bingquan of Zhaoqing Science and Technology Bureau, KongQingfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Gaoyao District, Deng Hongan,Deputy Director of Gaoyao District, and Gaoyao District Economic and TradeBureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Jindu Town Leaders of relevantdepartments, Xu Feiyue, President of Guangdong Hongtu Company, Mo Jianzhong,Vice President and General Manager of Die Casting Division, and managementpersonnel of Die Casting (headquarters) and technical backbone of theEngineering Center attended the event.

    At the ceremony, Xu Feiyue, thepresident of the company, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the DingWenjiang academician and leaders at all levels who care about and support theinnovation of Hongtu Technology, and expressed his opportunity to make full useof the light alloy precision molding country (Shanghai Jiao Tong University).The outstanding research talents and technologies of the Engineering ResearchCenter, focusing on the goal of lightweight vehicles, continue to research anddevelop new technologies and applications for high-end light-alloy keycomponents manufacturing, and help Hongtu build national enterprise technologycenters and enhance technologies and products in China. The competitiveness ofthe external market.

    (Figure 1: Xu Feiyue, President of Guangdong Hongtu TechnologyCo., Ltd.)

    Academician Ding Wenjiang introducedthe development trend of domestic and international light alloys in differentfields and the high hopes of the national leaders for the light alloy precisionmolding research institute, and said that the National Engineering ResearchCenter for Light Alloy Precision Forming will also rely on the industrialapplication base of Hongtu. Further promote the transformation of talents andthe related achievements of "high-performance magnesium-aluminum alloyhigh-quality casting preparation technology" to achieve seamlessintegration of industrial advanced technology and industrial application.

    (Figure 2: Academician Ding Wenjiang from Shanghai JiaotongUniversity)

    Atthe ceremony, the leaders of Zhaoqing Science and Technology Bureau and GaoyaoDistrict also delivered enthusiastic speeches, congratulated Hongtu andShanghai Jiaotong University on their cooperation, and hoped that Hongtu andLight Alloy Center could make greater achievements in Zhaoqing's scientific andtechnological work and economic development.

    (Figure3: Deputy Director of Zhaoqing Science and Technology Bureau Xie Bingquanspeaks)

    (Figure 4: Deng Hongan, deputy head ofGaoyao District, Zhaoqing City)

    GuangdongHongtu cooperates with (Shanghai Jiaotong University) Light Alloy PrecisionForming National Engineering Research Center to build a sub-center andindustrial application base. Under the guidance of the principle of “scientificand technological innovation and industrialization”, Guangdong Provinceexplores new ways to combine science and technology with economy andstrengthens technology. The intermediate link of the results to thetransformation of productivity, promote the industrialization of science andtechnology; the need for scale-oriented production of enterprises, promote theresearch, technology and scientific and technological achievements of lightalloy materials to the relevant industries, promote the rise of emergingindustries and light alloys Extensive application of materials; exploring andpromoting the reform of science and technology system, cultivating first-classengineering and technical personnel, building first-class engineeringexperimental conditions, forming a research and development, technologicalinnovation and industrialization base in China's new era, adhering to theprinciple of "complementary and equal cooperation, equal cooperation, The aimof mutual benefit and common development continues to make greatercontributions to the development of industry and industry.

    (Figure 5: Light alloy industry application base unveiled)

    (Figure 6: Photograph of the light alloy industry applicationbase after the unveiling)

    (Figure 7: Lightning Alloy PrecisionForming National Engineering Center Guangdong Hongtu Sub-center unveiled)

    (Figure 8: Photograph of GuangdongHongtu Sub-center of Light Alloy Precision Forming National Engineering Center)

    Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509