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    Guangdong Hongtu Subsidiary Ningbo Swell won the SAIC-GM 2017 Cost Creation Award
    Publication time:2019.07.22 16:21:45

    On February 9th, SAIC GM held the 20th Supplier Conference and the 2017Excellent Supplier Awarding Conference in Yantai, Shandong Province with thetheme of “Don't Forget the Heart, Co-cast the Future”. The conferencecomprehensively summarized the 2017 OEM and supply. The achievements of thebusiness team work together, and look forward to the future development ofChina's economic situation and the new "four modernizations" andmarket segments of automobile electrification, network integration,intelligence and sharing. At the meeting, Ningbo Swell won the SAIC General2017 Cost Creation Award. The company's deputy general manager Ma Chunliattended the meeting and received the award on behalf of the company.

    In 2017,SWELL cooperated with SAIC-GM to carry out joint innovation andresearch, especially in improving product quality and controlling productioncosts. In the control of production cost and quality, from the optimization ofproduct structure, the application of new technology, and the improvement ofelectroplating. The qualification rate of the parts and other aspects, controlcosts, reduce costs, and achieved gratifying results.

    In 2017, SAIC-GMsold 2,000,187 vehicles a year, up 6% year-on-year, and reached a record high.It achieved a sales volume of 2 million vehicles in just 20 years, and onceagain set a record for the speed of industry development. SAIC-GM's “Cost CostCreation Award” represents SAIC-GM's compliment to the suppliers who stand outin terms of cost.SWELL will make persistent efforts to create more outstandingvalue for customers and make positive contributions to the overall improvementof SAIC's general supply chain.

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