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    Guangdong Hongtu Nantong Company wins JLRQ award for Jaguar Land Rover
    Publication time:2019.12.19 13:21:26

    On September 4, 2019, the Jaguar Land Rover (China) JLRQ awards ceremony was grandly held in Guangdong Hongtu Nantong Die Casting Co., Ltd. Mr. Scott Emery, Executive Vice President of Purchasing, Jaguar Land Rover (China) Asia Pacific, Mr. Dan Peart, Vice President of STA, and Mr. Peng Cheng, Senior Engineer of STA, presented the awards to our company. Mr. Zhang Baizai, the general manager of Guangdong Hongtu Nantong Die Casting Co., Ltd. and Mr. Bo Yi, the quality director, received the award on behalf of our company. Customers evaluate suppliers from three dimensions: "capability system", "continuous performance" and "manufacturing site audit". Rigorous evaluation standards make the JLRQ award represent the best manufacturing level in the industry, which means that Hongtu will receive more respect and recognition in the luxury car market.

    Jaguar Land Rover is a British car manufacturer with two top luxury brands. It has been committed to creating a leading luxury car company and delivering a high-end customer experience. Not only has a first-class vehicle and engine manufacturing base, but also its complete independent vehicle development capabilities, give play to its comprehensive operation management system advantages, and continuously provide the Chinese market with world-class quality products and service commitments. The cooperation between our company and Jaguar Land Rover started in 2015 and has entered the fourth year together. Obtaining the JLRQ honorary award represents that our company has reached the highest level in the Jaguar Land Rover supply chain, and has also started our new journey in the luxury car brand market. Leading the future with innovation, and promoting development with change, our company will adhere to the synchronous development with customers and consolidate the basis of cooperation between the two sides.

    Looking back, Jaguar Land Rover led our company to introduce SD lean production, TPM, 6sigma activities at the beginning of the project, and strongly supported in process optimization, logistics layout, and quality improvement. This has enabled us to achieve significant improvements in QCDS and has laid a solid foundation for our company to become a JLRQ member. Along the way, the growth of Nantong Hongtu can not be separated from the careful help of Jaguar Land Rover customers, the strong support of the company's management, and the hard work of the majority of Hongtu employees.

    JLRQ's honor is precious, and customer recognition is our greatest motivation. To customers, employees, society, and the times, Hongtu always upholds a sincere heart, abides by professional ethics, promotes the spirit of craftsmen, and never forgets the original intention and moves forward. In the future, our company will continue to be customer-oriented and use high-quality products and services to give customers the best answer sheets. The honors we have won are in the past, and we are more willing to imagine the future!

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