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    Keeping Original Intention and Winning the Future - Hongtu Technology Held the Opening Ceremony of the Intermediate Training Class for Leadership Improvement (Honghu Plan) and PLT Panoramic Leadership Training
    Publication time:2020.08.19 15:50:48
    On July 3, the intermediate training of Hongtu Technology Leadership Promotion (Honghu Plan) was officially started. The main venue of the training was located in Zhaoqing (where Hongtu Technology Die-casting (Headquarters) is located), and the sub-venues were located in Ningbo, Nantong, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places. A total of 63 middle and senior managers of the company and its subordinate units attended the two-day PLT panoramic leadership training course.
    This training, organized by the Human Resources Department, is the first large-scale study assembling all middle and senior managers, aiming at further enhancing the political literacy, theoretical level and practice ability of middle and senior managers. In the follow-up training, the company will also enhance the comprehensive quality of the middle and senior cadres comprehensively through the promotion of political literacy, the strengthening of role cognition, the expansion of strategic vision and the integration of corporate culture and other courses.
    At the opening ceremony, Comrade Ning Hongzhi, the commissary in charge of studies, introduced this training in detail from the aspects of project background, design ideas, training panorama, training course plan, class committee division of labor and study group division of Honghu Plan. Comrade Zhou Leren, the Monitor, made a speech at the opening ceremony, and put forward the following opinions to share with the trainees on this training: First, seize the opportunity, deepen the understanding, and cherish the good intentions of the company; Second, be eager to learn, persevere and have a correct learning attitude; Third, grasp the key points, pay attention to communication and master the correct learning methods; Fourth, formulate strict discipline, strengthen management, create a good learning atmosphere, jointly run this class well and achieve results, and especially remind the trainees of coordinating the relationship between work and training to ensure that both learning and work are not influenced.
    External lecturers, from the front line of enterprise management with many years of research, consultation and training experience, conducted PLT panoramic leadership training from the aspects of leadership cognition, belief aggregation and challenge status quo. The training involved not only a complete explanation of the conceptual framework system, but also abundant case teaching as well as flexible introduction of management skills and vivid scene simulation, where the differences and functions between managers and leaders, the essentials of “four stresses” for professional managers and the “six action guides” for leaders to lead by example were explained profoundly in a simple way.

     1. Group Photo of Trainees in Zhaoqing Main Venue
    2. Group Photo of Trainees in Ningbo Branch Venue
       3. Group Photo of Trainees in Nantong Branch Venue
    4. Group Photo of Trainees in Wuhan Branch Venue

    The Human Resources Department organized the trainees from the main venue to visit and exchange with Die-casting (Headquarters) to deepen their understanding of the company’s business and products.
    The training also set up a group PK link, which was scored according to the number of speeches, the content of speeches and the discipline compliance of the group members. After fierce competition, the first group in the main venue finally won and was given the lecturer’s book Awakening Your Leadership.

    This training profoundly reflects the company’s emphasis on training high-quality talents and building high-performance teams. The company always regards talents as the first capital, and strives to realize the constant increment of human capital by implementing the talent concept of “fostering talents and enterprises”.
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